Get out on the streets for the International Women’s Day 2021

For many of us, March 8 is an important day of action that gives us courage and strength to make our struggles, our fears, and our solidarity visible.

For decades we have been fighting for the same issues, be it equality, abortion or the double burden of domestic and wage work. But there are also successes: the Argentinian women’s movement has achieved the legalization of abortions, menstrual items are taxed at 7% and gender-inclusive language has reached mainstream society.

Let’s continue to expand these successes this year as well.

COVID-19 has focused and intensified many issues, much like a magnifying glass focuses sunlight. Just like the fire that is ignited by focusing the sunlight, our fire of anger and frustration must also burn. There are many different topics that move us and motivate us to get involved politically, and each of these topics is important, because only together we are strong. Our struggles should not be isolated, but we have to remain in exchange, strengthen and stand up for each other.

There are many reasons why this day and the protest are important, and only you know which is the most important one for you.

However, domestic violence, feminicides, child pornography, sexism, health-care crisis, the double burden of care and wage work, racism, classism, nationalism, anti-feminism, discrimination against queer people and the capitalist system are reasons why we are still not able to live as equal human beings.

This year has clearly shown that change is needed. Let’s use this chance and send a loud, powerful and strong signal during this time!

We will not let ourselves be forced into the standardized forms of patriarchy with its suppressed role models, we are women, lesbians, trans, inter and non-binary people: We are more than half of society!

So get your ass up and out on the street on March 8, 2021 at Stühlinger Kirchplatz at 5 pm.

In order to be able to go on the streets under COVID conditions, there will be a block system, which includes only few people. In addition, there is an obligation to wear a face mask. These measures are intended to help keep the risk of infection as low as possible and to make it easier to trace the chain of infection in the event of an infection.