Call for the International womxn’s day of struggle in Freiburg!
Womxn* worldwide will be marching for equality, like every year, on March 8th. In Freiburg, we want to spread feminist ideas and fight for a better life, because the last year has shown us that there are enough reasons to do so.

#metoo: sexual abuse and resistance
Sexism, sexual harassment and sexual abuse are common problems that womxn have to face. They are harassed, sexually abused and raped in private, at the workplace or even in public. Often, the victims rather than the offenders are blamed because of their appearance or their behavior, and we won’t tolerate that!
No means No – Yes means Yes!

Anti-feminism from the Right
The AfD is an anti-feminist party that is outspokenly against emancipation and they are part of the German parliament now. Fighting against gender equality and LGBTQ+ people is part of their program, which is why they are opposing the abortion laws in force, divorce and our new marriage equality. Parties and groups from the far Right are only one part of an anti-feminist movement, which is trying to take away our rights and is infiltrating our society with their regressive ideas.
Against anti-feminism in Europe!
We will not be pushed back! Emancipation instead of a regressive ideology!

My body, my choice!
In this society, the right of self-determination is not guaranteed for everybody, which the discussion about abortion right now shows. We want to define and to make decisions over our own bodies and not have to justify them in front of our families, public authorities or on the street. We want to live in a society that accepts versatile identities, where gender doesn’t matter and where womxn can decide over their own bodies.
Against the criminalization of abortion according to §218StGB! For the right to our own bodies!

The current labor dispute: Care work
Nurses in Freiburg and nationwide are fighting for better working conditions and thus for a better patient-centered care for all of us. Care work is seen as “women’s work” and a lot of nurturing work is actually done by womxn. This kind of work is greatly underpaid and not acknowledged socially. However, work should be appreciated irrespective of gender. That is why we call for solidarity with nurses and caretakers!
For a society without exploitation and oppression of womxn! Show solidarity with caretakers!

March with us on March 8th! Show solidarity with womxn‘s struggle worldwide! A feminist perspective is and will continue to be necessary!

*We use the term ‘womxn’ to include people that do not identify with a binary gender system, and to symbolize that there are multiple forms of oppression, like class, ability or race.