Out for the international Women`s day 2017

Our feminism stays …

for sexism, structural exploitation and sexualised violence is an inherent part of any capitalist and patriarchal society and is not imported to Germany by migration.
Violence and assaults against women are always to be judged, who ever the causer is

because especially women are affected by the tricky living and working conditions and because women still do the biggest part of the non rewarded House and caring work of which the capitatistic economy system is profiting of.

for wars are forcing hundreds of thousand people to seek for refuge simultanously the borders get closed. Whether in Turkey the USA or in Europe, there is a massive swing to the right which is revealed by racism, hostility to democracy and antifeminism

there are struggling women world wide who are fighting back against the attacks on their rights, lifes and bodies. At the Women´s Marches against Trump where hundreds of thousand people demonstrating on the streets. In Kurdistan are women participating significantly the figtst against ISIS and the structure of a solidary society. In this country are feminists fighting back against the old Nazis and the new right wing in terms of AfD. Especially LGBTIQ are defending their life design against conservative images of family and gender.

Take to the streets an 8th of March!

We are only strong if we are performing collectively and establish global movements. So let us take to the streets with all women´s and LGBTIQ movements on 8th of March to celebrate our achievements and to brace ourselves against coming contentions.